Grand Natural is your all in 1 facility management company. We will pickup your used cooking oil, clean your hoods, grease traps, and jet your lines. Call 1 company for all your restaurant facility needs.
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When Marty Robertson and Gary Humphreys, Managing Partners, bought Vista Sand in 2011 they knew there were a couple of things they needed to take care of in order to grow their business, replace the worn out mixed fleet they inherited in the purchase and have someone manage it for them. The solution was hiring Ron Lee, Director of Mining and Fleet Assets, in 2013 and creating a partnership with an equipment dealer who could maintain the equipment at minimal downtime.
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Vista Sand is led by a CEO who understands the importance of employee safety. Vista Sand is proud to have received the Sentinels of Safety in 2014 from the National Mining Association (NMA), which is only awarded to the safest mines in the nation. In order to qualify for the award, a mine must have more than 4,000 injury-free hours. Vista Sand has gone more than 400 days without a reportable employee injury at its mine.

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